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UV-Cured Solutions for Inks Applications


Sartomer’s custom, cure-promoting ingredients tailor final formulations to your specific paste, liquid, inkjet ink and overprint varnish needs, including laminating inks, offset inks, screen inks and food packaging compliance. We can assist with product selection, formulating strategy and curing parameters to produce inks for your desired properties. To talk with our experts, fill out the contact form here


Sartomer provides and supports products for the following markets:

  • Graphic arts
  • Printing/Packaging

Our ink technologies address a variety of application-specific challenges, such as:


  • Creating UV/EB inks for use in structures like shrink wrap and laminated packaging.
  • Improving cured ink properties of UV flexo inks for retortable pouch and thermoformable packaging.
  • Developing UV/EB screen inks to decorate complex parts like bicycle helmets and rigid packaging.
  • Formulating lower VOC UV and EB curable inks that allow printers to operate presses at speeds comparable to conventional inks.
  • Making inks that are both BPA-free and high performance for food packaging applications.
  • Increasing the gelation stability of UV inkjet formulations at higher temperatures.



Our ink products help formulators create customized, high performance, eco-friendly inks with:


  • Excellent pigment dispersion
  • Optimized adhesion
  • Enhanced cure response
  • Increased cured durability
  • No or very lower VOC emissions




Sartomer Americas team is ready to work with you to make your projects come to life. Our sales, commercial, and R&D teams are comprised of solution experts who can provide assistance and support on a wide array of topics.