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UV-Cure Solutions for Electronics Applications

Tailor Made Chemistry for Electronic Applications

Sartomer manufactures a complete line of (meth)acrylate monomers and oligomers and specialty solutions for enhanced dielectric performance in electronic applications.

Our team understands that UV-curable electronic materials require a unique set of expertise, and we are ready to work with you to find a solution.


We can tailor our chemistry to meet your needs, including:


  •  Dielectric loss,
  •  Breakdown strength,
  •  Dampening applications,
  •  Surface and volume resistivity,
  •  And process optimization specific to electronic applications. 


Our team can custom formulate with an understanding of structure-property relationships specific to electronics.


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UV-curable Applications in Electronics

We can offer tailor made solutions for a variety of high-performance electronics applications, including:


  •  Conformal Coatings
  •  Potting
  •  Encapsulation
  •  Photoresists (dry film and liquid)
  •  Circuit Boards/substrates
  •  Die-attach adhesives
  •  Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD)
  •  Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED)
  •  Printing plate resists
  •  Solder masks
  •  3D Printing


High performance solutions for Display (OCA/LOCA)

Sartomer code Name Functionality Viscosity, cP @ 25°C Tg, °C
SR506 IBOA 1 8 88
SR484 Octyldecyl Acrylate 1  4 -57
SR395 Isodecyl Acrylate 1  5 -60 
SR489D Tridecyl/Dodecyl Acrylate 1  7  -55
SR335 Lauryl Acrylate 1  6  -30
CN9023 Aliphatic UA 2 3,000 @ 60°C -62
CN966J75 Aliphatic UA blended with IBOA 2 105,000 -33

High performance solutions for Printed Circuit Boards

Sartomer code Name Functionality Viscosity, cP @ 25°C Tg, °C
SR368 Tris (2-hydroxy ethyl) isocyanurate triacrylate 3 - 272
SR833S TCDDMDA 2 90 186
CN301 Polybutadiene dimethacrylate 2 1,000 @ 60°C -44
CN303 Polybutadiene dimethacrylate 2 4,125 @ 60°C -35
CN307 Hydrophobic acrylate ester 2 8,000 -

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