• UV Cure Coatings

UV-Cure Materials For Coatings

Enhancing High-Performance Coatings with Specialty Acrylate Resins

Coatings formulators are always looking for ways to improve resistance against chemical, corrosion and abrasion. Adding to that challenge is the need to reduce or eliminate hazardous air pollutants and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to ensure the safety of mixers, applicators and those who come into contact with the final coated product.


These formulations must also improve the ease of application, increase performance lifetime, minimize the need for reapplication, lower energy consumption, reduce curing time and enhance adhesion to a variety of substrates.


To help coatings formulators meet all of these demands, Sartomer manufactures high-performance acrylic monomers and oligomers that are ultraviolet light (UV) curable, electron beam (EB) curable and peroxide curable. They are also amine curable and enhance the performance of two-part epoxy/amine coating systems.

Delivering Customized Innovation

We tailor solutions for interior and outdoor coatings, finish films, high mechanical performance coatings, durable hard coatings and haptic (touchable) surfaces. We can help you create coatings formulations that provide exceptional adhesion on wood, glass, metal and plastic.


Our coatings technologies address a wide range of needs -- whether you're creating formulations that:

  • Give a high-end luxurious feel to UV-curable specialty coatings
  • Contribute excellent coatings properties after water removal and UV curing
  • Have dual cure capabilities that make coatings ultra-weatherable, high gloss and durable.

Benefits of UV Curing in Coatings

Green Technology:

  • No Solvent Waste
  • Low Hazard
  • Few VOC Emissions
  • HSE Benefits

Process Efficiency:

  • Room Temperature Curing
  • Low Heat Generation
  • Adaptable to Existing Line
  • Ease of Cleaning


  • Reduced Cycle Times
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Ideal for Heat-Sensitive Substrates
  • Increase Throughput
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