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  • UV, LED, & EB Curing Technologies

UV, UV LED and EB curing

UV and EB curing technologies are amongst the fastest methods of manufacturing. Radiation processing allows for the polymerization of diverse resins and formulations to achieve materials ranging from tack free scratch resistant coatings to high performance structural adhesives.


LED curing represents one aspect of next generation, low energy, high throughput polymer processing. These techniques take advantage in amine synergists and ethoxylated acrylic and methacrylic monomers. Recent advances in diode technology allow the selection of precise activating wavelengths allowing for cutting edge materials.


Electron Beam (EB) curing represents the highest energy curing currently available at the commercial level. EB resins capitalize on the same (meth)acrylate chemistries as photo-curable materials while exhibiting higher levels of crosslinking and requiring no photo-initiator. 


Lower VOCs

  • Green technology
  • No solvent waste
  • Low hazard

10X Less Space

  • Process efficiency and flexibility
  • Room temperature curing
  • Low heat generation
  • Simply adaptable to existing lines
  • Ease of cleaning

4X Less Energy

  • High productivity and cost savings
  • Reduced cycle time
  • Increased throughput
  • Instant on/off
  • Low energy consumption
  • No recycling of solvent wastes
  • Minor maintenance cost
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