Engineered Resins for 3D Printing

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N3XTDIMENSION® resins help your projects get to market fast. Faster development cycles, more complex designs, less waste, reduced material inventory, and improved performance of your products.




Sartomer does this by committing to a deep level of chemistry knowledge, holding innovation at the center of our focus, and fostering partnerships built on a shared vision of the future state of manufacturing.


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Engineered Resins for 3D Printing

N3XTDIMENSION® was created to leverage our expertise in acrylic and meth-acrylic chemistry, building a core of products that are specifically designed to move beyond the current limitations many have experienced. We are dedicated to building newly engineered resins specifically for use in additive manufacturing applications, driving the material performance for functional applications, solving real world problems.


N3XTDIMENSION® offers photopolymers that serve as the base for novel resin systems. These engineered resins provide the ideal combination of properties suitable for a multitude of applications.

Custom Liquid Resin Systems for 3D Printing

A unqiue toolbox of solutions to fine-tune your end formulations:

  • Monomers
  • Oligomers
  • Tailor-made resins


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