Specialty Oligomers

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Sartomer’s specialty oligomers are higher molecular weight molecules, providing key functional properties to the reactive systems and formulations. These products are variable viscosity, highly reactive, amine-modified polyether acrylate oligomers and are for use in UV and EB curing systems.


Specialty Amino Oligomers

Sartomer’s specialty oligomers are unique oligomers offering improved performance in electronics, inks, coatings, adhesives, and plastisol applications. Specialty oligomers are high molecular weight, reactive materials that can be cured (polymerized) using any of several free radical mechanisms, including electron beam (EB), ultraviolet radiation (UV), and peroxide decomposition. Key determinants of specialty oligomers performance lie in the structural elements of the molecule. These pecialty oligomers are anhydride and carboxylic acid-containing aromatic acid acrylate and methacrylate half ester blends in solvent or monomer. Acrylation provides the unsaturation or the (C=C) group to the oligomer.


Like most oligomers, the specialty oligomers are typically high in molecular weight and viscosity. Diluents, particularly multifunctional acrylate monomers, are typically used to reduce viscosity to manageable levels and to provide crosslinking. Additionally, the wide variety of available monomer types provide selective enhancement to adhesion, substrate wetting, flow out, cure rate, hardness, and other desired properties. Sartomer provides these oligomers as blends in a variety of monomers and solvents.

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