Polyester Acrylate Oligomer

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Polyester acrylate oligomers have gained wide acceptance within the coating industry and are used when superior physical properties are required. They offer enhanced performance when compared to epoxy acrylate oligomers and are cost-effective alternatives to urethane acrylates if a high degree of yellowing resistance is not essential.

Polyester Acrylate Oligomers

Polyester acrylate oligomers balance the performance and cost of urethane acrylates and epoxy acrylates. While urethane oligomers offer in most cases a greater degree of yellowing resistance, the raw material cost may be prohibitive or unwarranted if the end product will not be exposed to harsh outdoor exposure. Epoxy acrylate oligomers, while lower in cost, may not provide the durability and quality of performance needed for many applications. Polyester acrylates allow for a low yellowing, high-quality UV/EB resin.


Polyester acrylates offer the added benefit of better ease of handling. Most polyesters are lower in viscosity than either a urethane or an epoxy acrylate without monomeric diluents, making them more compatible for low viscosity applications. This allows for more contribution of physical properties from the oligomer and makes formulation changes more predictable. They are also frequently easier to dilute than other classes of oligomer resins, further adding to the versatility of polyester oligomers.

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  • Automotive and transportation
    • Adhesives and sealants
  • Building and construction
    • Adhesives and sealants
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