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Engineered Resins for 3D Printing

Sartomer's N3XTDIMENSION® new line of photo-cure 3D printing materials enable thermoplastic-like mechanical properties that help additive manufacturers yield ultra-high-definition products.


This new line of N3XTDIMENSION® Engineered resins can be used in a wide range of applications (SLA, DLP) due to a broad feature range to impart:


  • Impact resistance
  • Elastomeric Recovery
  • Flexibility
  • Durability
  • Customizable
3D printing part

New Advanced Engineered Resins for Protoyping

From validating mechanical design, modelling for fit or providing a prototype to investors is critical for any prototyping resin. Using products specifically built for high resolutions, rapid throughput, and superior dimensional stability is critical to your success.

N3D-P110  is a Low Viscosity Acrylic Resin:


  • High hardness for tough prototypes
  • Production-ready resin with photoinitiator
  • High resolution prints with wide colorant compatibility

N3D-P120 is an Acrylic Prototyping Base


  • Low viscosity for ease of handling
  • High green strength for high speed printing
  • High Modulus for robust and functional prototypes

N3D-P220 is an Acrylic Prototyping Base


  • Moderate viscosity as a pourable resin
  • Robust material design for extended service
  • Increased durability of Snap-Fit features

Flexible Resins for 3D Printing

Flexible materials find their niche in applications that need a bit of give including snap-fit parts, electrical connects and flexible linkages.  These resins have been designed to leverage the high degree of hydrogen bonding in traditional urethane acrylate designs in order to impart this degree of flexibility on a molecular level.

N3D-F130 is a Polyether Urethane Acrylate Resin:

  • Improved resolution over traditional oligomers
  • HDPE-Like properties with an optimized strength and elongation
  • Easy-to-work viscosity and pourable at room temperature

N3D-F230 is an Urethane Oligomer engineered resin system:

  • High urethane content lends itself to an extended property space
  • Easy formulating to polypropylene, and polyethylene-like properties
  • High recovery for snap-fit parts

Impact Resins

Our robust impact resins feature building blocks designed to optimize service life of your part, without compromising mechanical integrity. Our product line is designed to increase impact resistance while simultaneously complementing the modulus sacrifices often realized in toughening mechanisms.

N3D-I150 is a Polycarbonate Urethane Acrylate:


  • Beyond the standard property scope in strength, modulus and elongation
  • Thermoplastic-like with select monomer packages
  • High clarity, non-yellowing resin
  • Impact resistant properties

N3D-I250 is a Polycarbonate Urethane Oligomer:


  • Balance of modulus and elongation when formulated for increase impact over traditional urethane acrylate oligomers
  • Polycarbonate backbone provides rigidity while an increased MW provides low volumetric shrinkage


Where material demands of softness and tear resistance are critical to the service lifetime, these engineered resins leverage particular designs to surpass the rigors of athletic, orthopaedic and audio (ear-bud, or hearing aid) applications.

N3D-E180 is a Urethane Elastomer Engineered resin design for 3D printing:


  • Superior elongation achieved through high molecular weight design
  • Moderate modulus achieved through unique design as opposed to relying on the cross-link density contribution to hardness
  • Excellent recovery for rebound of elastomeric parts


Successful investment casting’s stem from clean and gentle burning materials.  Materials designed with low thermal expansion and melt-before burn characteristics provide these castings with high likelihoods of success when used for investing jewellery and dental parts.

N3D-C170 is an Acrylic Casting Engineered Resin for 3D printing:


  • Low viscosity for ease of handling
  • High green strength for reduced breakage and rapid printing
  • Low, light ash content


  • Aerospace 
  • Automotive (cars and electric vehicles)
  • Medical/dental supplies 
  • Sports equipment


  • Automotive and transportation 
  • Building and construction 
  • Chemical and plastics industry 
  • Consumer goods 
  • Electronics and electrical 
  • General industry 
  • Oil and gas 
  • Renewable energy 
  • Water and environment
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