N3xtDimension® Engineered Resins

New generation of solutions for UV curable additive manufacturing

Market leading materials for 3D printing

Sartomer is taking its range of specialty resins for additive manufacturing processes to the next level through the introduction of performance oriented solutions, marketed  under the brand name N3XTDIMENSION®.


Our resins enable dedicated performance with excellent overall properties including:

  • Exceptional freedom of performance design
  • High resolution
  • Wave-length independency
  • Excellent processing
  • Regulatory compliance


N3D-P2120 is a High Resolution Prototyping Resin:

  • Good balance of physical properties with cure speed
  • Low viscosity for designing to open-source machines
  • Enables high resolution prototype production

N3D-P110  is a Low Viscosity Acrylic Resin:

  • High hardness for tough prototypes
  • Production-ready resin with photoinitiator
  • High resolution prints with wide colorant compatibility

N3D-P120 is an Acrylic Prototyping Base

  • Low viscosity for ease of handling
  • High green strength for high speed printing
  • High Modulus for robust and functional prototypes

N3D-P220 is an Acrylic Prototyping Base

  • Moderate viscosity as a pourable resin
  • Robust material design for extended service
  • Increased durability of Snap-Fit features


N3D-F2110 is a Flexible (Meth)acrylate Resin:

  • Excellent starting point for new formulators targeting flexible thermoplastics performance
  • Ease of handling
  • Printable soft materials

N3D-F130 is a Polyether Urethane Acrylate Resin:

  • Improved resolution over traditional oligomers
  • HDPE-Like properties with an optimized strength and elongation
  • Easy-to-work viscosity and pourable at room temperature

N3D-F230 is an Urethane Oligomer engineered resin system:

  • High urethane content lends itself to an extended property space
  • Easy formulating to polypropylene, and polyethylene-like properties
  • High recovery for snap-fit parts


N3D-I150 is a Polycarbonate Urethane Acrylate:

  • Beyond the standard property scope in strength, modulus and elongation
  • Thermoplastic-like with select monomer packages
  • High clarity, non-yellowing resin
  • Impact resistant properties

N3D-I2100 is an Impact Resistant Resin:

  • Good balance of modulus and impact resistance
  • Low viscosity for designing to open-source machines
  • Enables functional part production
  • BPA-Free

N3D-I250 is a Polycarbonate Urethane Oligomer:

  • Balance of modulus and elongation when formulated for increase impact over traditional urethane acrylate oligomers
  • Polycarbonate backbone provides rigidity while an increased MW provides low volumetric shrinkage


N3D-C1700 is a Low Ash Castable Resin:

  • Low viscosity for ease of handling
  • High green strength for reduced breakage and rapid printing
  • Low, light ash content


N3D-E180 is a Urethane Elastomer Engineered resin design for 3D printing:

  • Superior elongation achieved through high molecular weight design
  • Moderate modulus achieved through unique design as opposed to relying on the cross-link density contribution to hardness
  • Excellent recovery for rebound of elastomeric parts
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