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Monofunctional Monomers

Product range



Sartomer's range of acrylate and methancrylate monofunctional monomers bring specialized performance to coatings, adhesives, sealantsinks, printing, and packaging, and electornics applications. This range is vast and includes UV, UV LED, and EB Cure cyclo-aliphatic, aromatic, alkooxylated, and alkane monofunctional monomers specifically built for formulators to find the best solution for their application.

Sartomer’s acrylate monomers offer the latest in reactive diluents and building blocks for specialty applications. Providing a range of structure property relationships from both aromatic and cyclic materials which balance cutting power and high Tg performance; to linear alkyl and alkoxylated materials to offer solvency and low Tg solutions.

Cyclo-Aliphatic Monofunctional Monomers

Cylco-aliphatic acrylate monomers and methacrylate esters are specialized for your application. The cyclic structure provides steric hinderance providing increased Tg compared to linear counter parts. These materials also offer increased diluency for many systems and can promote adhesion while offering a low yellowing  be adhesion promoting, resist heat (high Tg), and produce non-yellowing coatings and adhesives.



cyclo-aliphatic monofunctional monomer Sartomer

Aromatic Monofunctional Monomers

Aromatic monofunctional methacrylate esters and acrylate monomers offer a high refractive index while maintaining good solvency. The large aromatic pendant group also contributes to the high heat and chemical resistance these monomers are known for. 

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