High-Performance Monomer Solutions

Sartomer's acrylate monomer lines includes monofunctional, difunctional, trifunctional and higher functionality products. Sartomer also offers a wide variety of methacrylate ester monomer solutions with various funcitonality. Our high-performance acrylate monomers are reactive diluents and the building blocks for polymerization.

More specialized ethoxylated and propoxylated monomers offer higher molecular weights for lower skin irritation, better flexibility and faster cure speeds. Sartomer monomers can also be tailored for water-dispersible, adhesion-promoting, and pigment-dispersing applications.

Our MCure® resins are low-viscosity, high molecular weight acrylic monomers that undergo polymerization reaction. These resins are used to enhance performance properties when used as both reactive diluents and modifiers for two-part amine-cured coatings, adhesives and sealants.

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