Sartomer to present on Innovative Thermoplastic Film Enhancement via EB Curing

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Sartomer, innovative solutions provider, will present on 'Thermoplastic Film Enhancement via Crosslinking Chemistry and Electron Beam Irradiation' in Izmir, Turkey at the 35th Annual Meeting of the Polymer Processing Society.

Xavier Drujon, Technical Service & Development Manager Industrial Coatings, Sartomer Europe, will present on the topic on Monday, May 27 at 11:40 a.m.


Dr. Drujon will demonstrate how the properties of thermoplastic materials can be further enhanced through the incorporation of (meth)acrylate chemistry. Introducing (meth)acrylate coagents into the thermoplastic resins allows for greater crosslinking density at lower energy dosages, which translates directly to improved properties at higher line speeds. In particular, the presentation will focus on mechanical, thermal and surface property enhancements of films via EB curing. The technology also allows for down gauging in film applications. Moreover, it can be easily applied to any thermoplastic material, application or process.


Thank you to Sartomer’s Chris Orilall, Mike Bailey, and Christopher MacNeill for their contribution and support of the project.

For more information about Sartomer’s advanced EB curing solutions, please contact Chris Orilall.


Chris Orilall, PhD
R&D Manager, Sartomer Americas
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