Lambson highlights SPEEDCURE BMS as an effective alternative to aminoacetophenones in specialty UV/LED inks and coatings

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Lambson highlights SPEEDCURE BMS, Norrish Type II photoinitiator, as an effective alternative to aminoacetophenones in specialty UV/LED inks and coatings.

AdobeStock_73920760Available and registered in many countries worldwide, long wavelength absorption and friendly CLP classification, SPEEDCURE BMS presents less toxicity than many aminoacetophenones and delivers the same performance advantages in UV/LED curable pigmented systems and specialty coatings. 


SPEEDCURE BMS is ideal for use in applications such as electronics, labels, adhesives, paper and carton boards, flexible packaging, and metal food packaging.

“Lambson is pleased to offer SPEEDCURE BMS to the market as a powerful and less toxic alternative to aminoacetophenones photoinitiators. In addition to being a less toxic alternative, it delivers long wavelength absorption as well as high reactivity, surface cure and depth cure.”

Dr. Ric Plenderleith

Director of Research and Development for Lambson

Picture2For more information about SPEEDCURE BMS or Lambson's product line offering a full range of specialized photoinitiators, synergists, cationic resins and additives, visit our contact page to fill out a form to get in touch with our team directly. 

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