Arkema completes the acquisitions of Prochimir and Lambson

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On October 1, 2019, Arkema completed the acquisitions of Prochimir, manufacturer of high-performance adhesive films, and Lambson, specialized in photoinitiators for photocure resins.

With sales of around €30 million, Prochimir completes Bostik’s range of technologies in industrial adhesives.


Lambson, with sales of approximately €45 million, enables Sartomer to offer its customers in the electronics, 3D printing, composites, inks and coatings markets, a larger and perfectly complementary range.


These two acquisitions will contribute to further strengthening the share of specialties in the Group’s portfolio, in line with its long-term ambition to achieve more than 80 % of sales in these businesses.


Béatrice ZILM
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Investor relations
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