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Corporate Overview


Founded over 55 years ago, Sartomer Americas has pioneered the commercial development of products for cured-in-place technologies. Sartomer is a leading global supplier of acrylate/methacrylate monomers, oligomers and other specialty chemicals used in adhesives & sealants, advanced materials, coatings, elastomers, electronics, graphic arts and more. Our products are an integral part of end uses as diverse as hardwood flooring, printing plates, display screens, package coatings, furniture, eyeglasses - and many others.

The name, "Sartomer", is derived from Greek and Latin words together meaning "tailor made part", a concept of doing business that clearly sets Sartomer apart from the competition. Every aspect of Sartomer's operations is uniquely structured toward one common accommodate the special requirements of each individual customer, large or small.

As part of Arkema, Sartomer offers customers global access to technology, manufacturing and service. This means more unique solutions, dependable supply and consistently high quality products and services. Sartomer products are marketed through a direct sales force in the United States and distributors in the Americas and Asia. In Europe, UV/EB products are marketed by Sartomer Europe.

Headquartered in Exton, PA, Sartomer manufactures products in West Chester, PA, and Chatham, VA. Sartomer Asia, headquartered in Hong Kong, manufactures in Nansha, China. Sartomer Europe, located in Colombes, France, manufactures UV/EB products in Villers-Saint-Paul, France. Together, Sartomer provides products for formulators throughout the world.

A Team Committed To Meeting Customer's Needs:
Customers consider Sartomer a one-of-a-kind company, uniquely structured to tailor to the special needs of each customer. Drawing from hundreds of products and global resources, Sartomer works with each customer to make exciting new discoveries. This type of versatility cannot be achieved through mass production of a few canned solutions. It takes the talents of a multi-disciplined team working with individual customers. It takes in-depth technical expertise to help customers obtain the performance they need for their particular applications.

Quality And the Environment
Total Quality pays in today's global markets. Consumers want quality products and they want these products manufactured with safe technologies that do not pollute the environment. Sartomer cares about these quality and environmental concerns. Therefore, it proactively engages in a wide range of programs to protect the environment and maintain consistent high quality.

Responsible CareŽ
As a business unit of Arkema, Sartomer is committed to maintaining a Responsible Care® management system to manage its business that will meet the Responsible CareŽ guiding principles. 

Quality Management System
Sartomer's ISO 9001 based Quality Management System is committed to enhancing customer requirements and continual improvement. 

Ethics and Corporate Responsibility
Sartomer is committed to ethical behavior in its relationships with stakeholders, including suppliers, customers, employees, communities, and the environment.


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